Mark F. Bernstein

Voice Actor

With five years of voiceover experience and 20 years of experience as a professional writer, Mark has ​a deep love for the power and nuance of words.  

Equally comfortable working in a range of vocal styles and characters, Mark understands how to bring ideas and emotions to life. He also has excellent proof-reading and editing skills, along with extensive theatrical experience. His previous clients include a pharmaceutical company and a documentary filmmaker.

When he is not doing voice work, Mark is the senior writer for Princeton University's alumni magazine. He is the author of five books, a comic strip, and hundreds of articles on topics including music, science, sports, entertainment, and history. Mark earned his undergraduate degree at Princeton and a law degree at the University of Virginia. He studied voice with Joanne Joella in Philadelphia.

Vocal age range: 30 to 70

Accent: neutral American; can also do a range of regional character accents

Voice description: Crisp, warm, trustworthy, friendly